Guidelines for Working with the Teacher Candidate

Clinical Supervisor Introductory Meeting with Teacher Candidate

Please meet with the teacher candidate prior to the start of demonstration teaching. This meeting should occur in a public place, preferably at the assigned school. We ask teacher candidates to reach out and introduce themselves to you, but if you do not hear from your teacher candidate at least two weeks prior to the demonstration teaching start date, contact them immediately. If you have not yet received contact information or placement details for your teacher candidate, contact Use this introductory meeting as an opportunity to get to know each other, set clear expectations, create a rough schedule for the observations, and let the teacher candidate know when and where the next meeting will take place.


Host Teacher Presence in the Classroom

As the teacher candidate slowly builds up to full-time teaching it is important to discuss with them how often and for how long you will be in the classroom when they are teaching. Let the teacher candidate know where you will be when not in the classroom and how to reach you, if needed. Since students often act differently with the host teacher in the room, we ask that you leave the room during full-time teaching to allow the teacher candidate to fully experience teaching “solo.” However, we recognize that the teacher candidate is a guest in your classroom, and you may not feel comfortable staying out of the classroom for extended periods of time. Contact the Teacher Success team at if you have any questions about your presence in the classroom.


Optional Unannounced Observation

The clinical supervisor makes six separate observation visits, one of which may be unannounced to the teacher candidate but must be prearranged with the host teacher. The optional unannounced observation should not occur before the midterm. Evaluate the unannounced visit on the regular observation form just as you do for the other observations.


If there is concern that the unannounced visit will cause the candidate extreme anxiety, the clinical supervisor and host teacher will consult to determine what is best for the teacher candidate. Additionally, if clinical supervisor or host teacher feels the candidate will benefit from more unannounced visits or extra observations, contact the Teacher Success team first at


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