Host District & School Selection for DT Placement

When you apply for demonstration teaching (DT), you will indicate potential districts and/or private schools on the FE application. Your placement coordinator will do their best to place you in the districts and/or schools you have suggested, but be aware that it is not always possible. If a placement is not available in your suggested district or school, your placement coordinator will seek a placement for you in a neighboring district. You should not make concrete plans around a placement until your placement coordinator sends you official notification that your placement is confirmed and you have met all requirements to be fully accepted to the cohort. Finding a placement that is close to your home is not always possible. You may have to travel up to 2 hours, in rare cases, depending on the availability of placements for your content area in your location. 


While placement is not guaranteed, your placement coordinator will make every effort to secure one for you. Once your placement coordinator confirms a placement you must accept that placement. Your coordinator will not pursue placement in other districts or schools once a placement is confirmed. The placement office is only obligated to offer one placement that meets the requirements of your program and licensure requirements for your state.




  • WGU does not allow international placements. The only exception is on a US military base in a Department of Defense (DOD) school which only applies if the student has access to the base.
  • All placement schools must be properly accredited.
  • A teacher candidate may not be placed in the same grade level as their child if the placement takes place at the same school.