Host Teacher (HT) Responsibilities

A host teacher (HT) is an experienced educator who plays a crucial role in the education of a teacher candidate (TC) during their demonstration teaching experience. You are a mentor who teaches, models, supports, and evaluates the TC as they transition from observer to full-time teacher in your classroom. As the HT, you have the following responsibilities:


  • Review information on our WGU HT Training & Support Site.
  • Review Chapter 9 of the WGU Field Experience Handbook
  • Meet with the TC daily to plan, pace, and set clear expectations throughout demonstration teaching. The suggested at-a-glance pacing guide found in the Online Demonstration Teaching Folder can be used as an example. A more detailed pacing guide is also available on the WGU HT Training & Support Site.
  • Seize opportunities to model, teach, and provide opportunities for practice.
  • Give very specific positive feedback daily as well as feedback regarding areas for improvement. We recommend you keep a daily log or take notes on the worksheet copy of the evaluation form to track strengths and areas for improvement throughout the TC’s experience. This will also assist you when completing the midterm and final evaluations.  
  • Meet briefly with the clinical supervisor (CS) before or after each observation to discuss areas of progress or concerns you see day to day. Communication between the HT and CS is key to ensure clear expectations in the mentorship and guidance provided to the TC.
  • Evaluate the demonstrated behaviors witnessed in the classroom by conducting a midterm evaluation and a final evaluation of the TC. In the case of a split placement the first HT completes the midterm, the second HT completes a final. You will receive live links via email to the student specific evaluation forms in the early weeks of the assignment.
  • Review the midterm and the final in joint face-to-face meetings with CS and TC.
  • Submit midterm and final within three days of the joint meeting.  
  • Respond to emails or telephone messages from WGU staff or CS if a response is requested.
  • Address concerns immediately with TC, CS, and the WGU Teacher Success Team. CSs are experienced educators who can assist you and the TC during the demonstration teaching (DT) experience. The Teacher Success Team is also your resource for questions or clarification at 866-889-0132, option 4 or


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