Host Teacher Qualifications

Western Governors University Host Teacher Qualifications


WGU’s intent in co-selecting a host teacher with our P-12 partners is to ensure that the individual has the time, experience, desire, and skill necessary to mentor a pre-service teacher. Host teachers must have a minimum of three years of teaching experience, five years preferred, with two or more years teaching in the current school. The minimum requirements to serve as a host teacher are below. We hope to collaborate on a mutually beneficial student teaching placement which provides our teacher candidate with the necessary experiences in which to develop and demonstrate a positive impact on student learning. Contact with questions or for additional information.


As verified by the principal and/or district, the identified host teacher meets the following minimum requirements:


  • Holds a teaching credential* or license for the subject area and/or grade level being taught;
  • Has a minimum of three years of teaching experience*, five years preferred, with two or more years teaching in the current school and have strong evaluations;
  • Evidence of positive impact on student learning in the classroom as demonstrated by ratings at or above effective when a state, district, or school provides such ratings;
  • Successfully and with positive impact mentored student teachers, colleagues, and/or other adults;
  • Competently uses technology for communicating via email and completing online evaluation forms; and
  • Consistently models the dispositions and ethical considerations expected of WGU teacher candidates: 
    • Caring and considerate
    • Affirming of diversity and cross-culturally competent
    • Reflective practitioner
    • Equitable and fair
    • Committed to the belief that all students can learn
    • Collaborative
    • Technologically proficient
    • Professional leadership.


California Host Teacher requirements




*Host teachers must hold at least a Clear Credential to qualify as a host teacher for a WGU teacher candidate. A Preliminary Credential will not meet host teacher qualifications in California, regardless of years of teaching experience.




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