Late Entry Appeals for DT Cohort Admission After the Application Window Closes

The deadline for regular application to demonstration teaching (DT) cohorts is explained in the Pacing Guides as follows:

Fall: April 1

Spring: September 15


If you meet all Application Requirements for DT Provisional Acceptance after the application window closes, a Late Entry Appeal may be considered, and if approved, you must secure your own placement.


Note:  Students in Georgia need to have a pre-service certificate before completing the appeal request form. Students in  Kentucky (except Special Education Initial Licensure), Hawaii and DoD settings are not eligible for late entry appeal.


The procedure to request Late Entry Approval is as follows:


  1. Read and discuss the DT Placement Guidelines and Restrictions and Host Teacher Qualifications articles in the Field Experiences Handbook with your program mentor to understand the requirements for an acceptable placement that aligns with your program and state licensure requirements.
  2. Review Districts Available for Possible Late Add Placements* for a list of districts that may allow students to arrange their own DT placement directly with the school site. This does not guarantee that the school has availability or will approve the placement. *The list is subject to change as district placement requirements change.
  3. Contact your Placement Coordinator at to receive further instructions prior to contacting a school site.
    • It is essential to follow established processes as failure to follow district communication policies can damage the relationship between WGU and the district, and may result in a disposition concern. It is also important to recognize that by not following district policies your relationship with the district can be damaged.
    • Additionally, some districts do not accept late entry students and some districts do not allow students to arrange their own placement, regardless of an established relationship or not. 
    • If your preferred district requires that WGU set up the placement, your best option is to apply for a different cohort during the next open application window. This gives the Field Placement Team the opportunity to request a placement for you through the formal placement process.
    • Placements are not guaranteed.
  4. Work with your program mentor to determine if an appeal is warranted and to determine next steps.
  5. After you have contacted your placement coordinator and received approval to proceed with your selected schools, your placement coordinator will send additional instructions to finalize your placement. Once you receive this information, you may begin contacting specific schools approved by your placement coordinator regarding a placement.
    • Please review the Late Entry Packet for additional information on the Late Entry process and instructions on how to arrange your own placement. Once approved for a late entry appeal, we will send the Late Entry Packet.

You are responsible for ensuring you meet all requirements for Final Acceptance to the cohort by the following deadlines as outlined in the Pacing Guides: Preparing for Demonstration Teaching article.


Late Entry Appeals are not allowed after these Final Acceptance Deadlines:

Fall: July 15

Spring: December 7


For questions, please work with your mentor or contact