Licensure & Certification

As part of your state’s application process for licensure or certification, you may need a recommendation from WGU. You may not apply for licensure or certification until you have graduated from WGU. We strongly recommend that you review the requirements for licensure and/or certification in your state early on in your program and continually check for updates as requirements may change over time. Each state has its own application process and some states require that you certify first in Utah (this requirement includes a Utah background clearance which can take several months). Please visit the Teacher Licensure Home Page in the Student Handbook for information about the licenses your state offers that align with WGU programs and how to apply. WGU cannot recommend you until you have passed all required state exams for your program. You will work with the WGU Licensure Office at or call 866-889-0132, Option 3, regarding all licensure or certification questions.



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