MAME/MASE Field Application Process for the TWS or Capstone

You must receive approval from the WGU Field Placement office prior to beginning any in-school activities related to your Teacher Work Sample (TWS) or Capstone. Your mentor can guide you to complete the required application which you can access via the Field Experience Button from your degree plan. If you have any questions related to the Field Experiences Application, please contact your mentor or You will not receive official clearance to begin your practicum until you:


When the WGU Field Placement office approves your in-school practicum, they will enter the start date of the practicum to reflect the date of the approval and the end date of the practicum will align with the last day of your current term. Before you may begin your practicum, you must enroll and accept the practicum assessment into registration for the current term.


The placement where you will complete your TWS or Capstone must be at the appropriate level in an accredited U.S. school that meets WGU and state licensure requirements. Different states and different WGU programs have specific placement requirements. Placements must be in a traditional, on ground setting (residential treatment facilities, prisons, home schools or virtual placements do not meet this requirement). WGU does not allow field placements to be waived or shortened regardless of an advanced program candidate’s previous experience. 


While all students who complete this program for licensure are required to complete their practicum in a K-12 setting, for students who signed at enrollment a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that they do not intend to seek licensure, alternative practicum sites may be approved such as a community college, tutoring center, or other structured educational program as determined by documentation provided to WGU's Field Placement office.



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