MAME/MASE Introduction

The MAME and MASE programs are online, competency based graduate programs that prepare you as an already licensed teacher to gain endorsement or licensure in the areas of math or science. The MAME and MASE programs include the following capstone experiences:


  • MAMEMG (MAME5-9), MAMES (MAME5-12), & MASE Programs: Teacher Work Sample (TWS) Written Project.

The most important aspect of these programs is that they provide an avenue for professionals currently engaged in a teaching career, whose content and pedagogy backgrounds are significant, to serve in our country’s middle, and high schools by teaching in math grades or science. In order to matriculate into the MAME or MASE programs, students must have a valid teaching certificate.


  • MAMEK6 Program: The Mathematics Education master’s program for K-6 also requires the successful completion two-part capstone project:
    • Instructional package: The instructional package should include the instructional materials, activities, and assessments. 
    • Written capstone report: The capstone report describes in detail the development of the instructional product.

If you are seeking endorsement in the MAME or MASE programs, the school setting must match the program level and content as indicated by your WGU program (i.e. MAMEMG (MAME9) requires a middle school Math setting and MAMEK6 requires an elementary placement; MASESB (MASEB12) requires a high school Biology setting). You will complete a two-week unit of study that will be presented to one classroom over a two-week period. You will coordinate your topic and presentation through collaboration with the host teacher (HT), if applicable, and/ or principal.



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