Manual Application to DT for Withdrawn and Dropped Students

Students who are withdrawn or dropped from WGU (typically due to term break alignment) do not have access to their degree plan or the Field Experience page to submit an application to a demonstration teaching (DT) cohort through the normal process and may submit a Manual Application (opens new window) to the Field Placement team at It is important to remember the guidelines for readmission to WGU. The readmission process can be lengthy and requires planning. Please see Readmissions Following Withdraw (opens new window) article for all the details.


The Manual Application requires the student to sign an affidavit that confirms their agreement to the policies of the normal cohort application process. The student must have received preclinical experiences approval prior to submitting the Manual Application, and agree to meet all requirements outlined in the Pacing Guides: Preparing for Demonstration Teaching (opens new window) for the requested cohort. The Manual Application must be submitted during the normal application window. Students should confer with their mentors and review the Pacing Guides: Preparing for Demonstration Teaching (opens new window) regarding the timing of the normal DT application windows.


Once Field Placement receives the Manual Application, they will manually enter the items submitted by the student (requested district, exam scores, etc.) in a DT application. All communications will continue via email to assist the student until they return to WGU.


Note: If a student is withdrawn for more than one year they may not use the Manual Application.


Once the student has met all application requirements and receives Provisional Acceptance into a cohort, they will receive an invitation from their placement coordinator to schedule a DT Intro Call, during which they will discuss options for placement in their area.


For additional information regarding this process, please contact