PCE Introduction

Your preclinical experiences (PCE) are early field experiences that will comprise both video and live classroom exercises designed to support seven interrelated objectives:


  • To enhance learning by giving you an early opportunity to observe and experience teaching.
  • To support WGU diversity goals.
  • To help you learn the dispositions and mechanics of reflection.
  • To enable you to connect theory to practice.
  • To provide you the opportunity to be in the classroom prior to taking on full-day clinical practice.
  • To provide WGU with data regarding your preparedness for DT.
  • To give you confidence in the classroom.

PCE provides a guided practice environment in which you can begin developing desired teaching knowledge and skills. During PCE you receive an introduction to reflective practice and an opportunity to experience the classroom environment. You are encouraged to develop your own ideas, apply them in an authentic educational setting, and be reflective in evaluating lessons.


Prior education courses and/or professional experience will not count towards completion of PCE requirements or hours required for your log.



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