PCE Observation Log and Active Engagement Log


All students will use the observation logs and active engagement logs provided in Taskstream. These logs are accessed in Taskstream through the course of study for your "Preclinical Experiences in (Subject Area)" course (Assessment Tab > Preview).



  • As you complete each observation, you will take field notes reflecting on the entire time you spent on campus.  Please see the PCE Reflection Checklist in Taskstream and the Observation Log Instruction Document in Taskstream for specific instructions for how these notes should be formatted.
  • Your logs must contain original signatures and initials on all lines for the teachers observed to verify each observation.
  • You will need to use a different log for each school in which you complete your PCE work.
  • When you have completed all of your hours, have the building administrator sign the log (or each of the building administrators sign each log).  
  • Your log must be saved to your computer by school name (i.e. “Observation Log – Miller Elementary”), so our evaluators can match up the correct observation log and field notes with the appropriate school.
  • Absence of signatures could result in the need to complete the hours again.


For more complete information regarding these logs, please carefully follow the detailed guidelines provided to you in your course of study and Taskstream directions.









EARLY CHILDHOOD & OLDER PROGRAM VERSION STUDENTS: If you are one of the very few students left in the Early Childhood/BAECE program OR in an older version of your degree program (prior to 2013), your PCE Task Lists are located at this link. NOTE: The task lists at this link are ONLY for those very few students who are in the older degree versions of their programs (prior to 2013). Before using this link, please first verify with your mentor if you are in the older degree version or the newer degree version of your program (most students are in the newer degree version and will access the PCE Observation Logs & Active Engagement Logs in Taskstream through their "Preclinical Experiences in [Subject Area]" course of study).


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