Pacing Guides: During Demonstration Teaching

Pacing guides provide the clinical supervisor, host teacher, and teacher candidate with suggestions for how to pace the in-class demonstration teaching (student teaching) experience from start to finish and to plan the clinical supervisor observations and evaluations.


Teacher candidates should use the pacing guides to manage and plan their time during demonstration teaching. The general guideline is a progression for the teacher candidate to move from observing, to increasing responsibilities in the classroom, to full-time teaching for two weeks, to turning classes back over to the host teacher, and a final week of observations in different settings.


These pacing guides are suggestions. The clinical supervisor and host teacher can and should adjust the schedule as necessary in coordination with the teacher candidate's skills/needs, and host teacher's requirements to meet the needs of the students in the classroom.


To access a pacing guide, click on the link below that corresponds with the teacher candidate’s placement:


Single and Concurrent Placement Pacing Guide

At-a-Glance Single Placement Guide

At-a-Glance Concurrent Placement Pacing Guide


Split Placement Pacing Guide

At-a-Glance Split Placement Guide


Special Education Pacing Guide

At-a-Glance Special Education Placement Guide


Note: If you are looking for the pacing guide that WGU students use to help them complete their coursework prior to demonstration teaching, please go to Pacing Guides: Preparing for Demonstration Teaching.


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