CS Performance Concerns & Intervention Plans

State requirements determine the minimum length of the DT placement for teacher candidates, but you may determine that the teacher candidate needs more time in a particular placement. For instance, you may observe that the candidate does not yet exhibit the kind of professional behavior expected of a teacher, or that he or she consistently uses ineffective teaching methods or fails to follow school policy (see the section in Chapter 2 concerning Behaviors that Can Result in Termination of Placement). Such a situation may require an extension of classroom time or even a formal intervention plan.


If you have concerns, please contact the Teacher Success Team immediately to discuss your concerns and seek assistance in devising a plan to best meet the teacher candidate’s needs. The teacher success coordinator will talk with you about the concerns and, if appropriate, send you an intervention plan template to complete. If the candidate does not demonstrate improvement within the specified period of time outlined in the intervention plan, then you, the host teacher, and the WGU Teacher Success Team will need to determine whether it is necessary to remove the candidate from DT. The Teacher Success Team must approve extensions and intervention plans before you discuss them with the teacher candidate or host teacher.


If you have serious concerns about any aspect of the candidate’s professional behavior or performance, please coordinate with the clinical supervisor and contact the Teacher & Principal Success Team at teachersuccess@wgu.edu or call (866) 889-0132, Option 4.

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