Philosophy of Teaching Statement or Writing Sample for Placement

When a district considers accepting a teacher candidate for placement in their school, they may ask for a Philosophy of Teaching Statement or a writing sample. Submitting a well-written Philosophy of Teaching Statement or other writing sample provides an excellent opportunity for students to demonstrate their passion for teaching and learning, and that they are ready for a formal placement in a school. There are many Philosophy of Teaching Statements online that students can review for examples. Students may want to think about the following questions to help them start writing:


  • Why do you want to be a teacher?
  • How do you think student learning occurs?
  • What is your vision for your future classroom?
  • What are your guiding principles of classroom management?
  • What beliefs do you have about teaching students using differentiated instruction?
  • What is your plan to improve your teaching skills and knowledge over the course of your teaching career?


The WGU Career & Professional Development Site (opens new window) contains resources to help students prepare professional communications. Students can also contact the WGU Writing Center (opens new window) for assistance.