Posting of Grades

You will receive copies of your observation and evaluation forms automatically via your WGU email account when they are submitted by your clinical supervisor (CS) or host teacher (HT). Please allow up to one week for passes to post on your degree plan by Teacher Success and the Records office. Ensure that you have received copies of your forms before you inquire regarding the status of forms processing and assessment passes on your degree plan. Additionally, it is important to note:


  • If observation forms contain indications that you are not progressing as expected, your forms will not be processed until the next few observations indicate satisfactory progression. You and your mentor will receive notification if your forms are held for low marks.
  • The timing of passes for observations and evaluations will not be adjusted to satisfy end of term requests. If you are in the classroom or still participating in cohort seminar in a new term, you are responsible for the corresponding assessments in the new term. Work with your mentor if you believe that an assessment should be passed in an earlier term due to a delay in forms submission or processing.
  • If you are submitting a Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA), such as edTPA, MoPTA, that requires a third party evaluation (Pearson or ETS) prior to your term end and scores will be returned after your term end, your mentor will need to submit an “Incomplete Request” (IC) to the Record’s department. Your edTPA or MoPTA must be officially submitted to the third party vendor before the end of your term in order for an IC to be approved. Please work with your mentor for all term planning questions.

  • Save all of your observation and evaluation forms as they are important documentation of your DT experience and could be useful for your professional portfolio or when applying for jobs.
  • Grades are not posted until all observations pertaining to an assessment are submitted.
  • Cohort seminar will pass upon completion of the seminar (exception for PB and MAT programs where the seminar is tied to the Observation #6).
  • The final evaluation cannot be passed until you have ended your teaching assignment in the classroom.

Remember, most assessments encompass two or more observations and the Teacher Success team cannot post midterm and final assessment grades prior to receiving evaluations from both the clinical supervisor and host teacher. If you are in a post baccalaureate or master’s degree teaching program, you must complete and pass your professional portfolio before your final evaluation will be passed and the grade posted.



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