Pre-Observation Conference and Scheduled Observations

The expectation is for clinical supervisors to hold a pre-observation conference with the teacher candidate prior to each observation, either in person, via email, or over the phone. In this meeting you will discuss the lesson plan, examine anticipated student behaviors, and review teaching and observation expectations, as well as any particular issues upon which the candidate needs to focus during delivery of the lesson. You will record the outcomes of this conference on the observation form.


The clinical supervisor will observe candidates on at least six separate occasions, evenly distributed throughout the experience. Observations typically occur seven to ten days apart and will last a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of two hours. There may be some circumstances in which observations must occur closer together; however, without prior permission from the Teacher Success team, no two visits should ever occur on the same day (except for candidates completing DT at a Department of Defense location). Always remember that you are a guest in the host teacher’s classroom and as such, you should arrange the schedule of observations to fit the host teacher’s classroom schedule and their students’ needs. In the case of split placements, you will complete the first three observations and midterm as part of the first placement and the second three observations and final during the second placement. If you feel the need to alter this time frame for the teacher candidate, please notify the Teacher Success team in advance at


Note: Candidates in Missouri may have a different observation schedule for Special Education split placements. Please refer to the email that will be sent prior to the cohort as well as the information specific to MO found on the Clinical Supervisor Support Site (opens new window).


Some teacher candidates will complete their demonstration teaching as a contracted teacher (teacher of record). This means the student is the teacher of the classroom so they will not have a host teacher. For these contracted teachers, be sure to check-in with school administration after every observation to make sure the teacher candidate is progressing according to the administrator’s expectations. If you or the principal have any performance or dispositional concerns regarding the candidate, please contact immediately.


While the candidate must ultimately meet all objectives, we anticipate that they may fall short in the early observations. Classroom management, for instance, can be particularly troublesome for teacher candidates. Often, the specific prescriptive feedback and remediation work takes more than one week. You must give specific comments, detail, and suggestions for improvement for any areas rated as 0, 1, or 2 on the form. We also encourage you to provide detailed comments regarding any areas of success or strength which you rate as a 3 or 4. If the candidate fails two of the first three observations, immediately contact the Teacher Success Team to review the situation and determine the next steps. You can reach the Teacher Success team at or call (866) 889-0132, option 4.


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