Professional Resume & WGU Career Services Department

Steps to Create a Field Experience Resume


The resume you are about to create is intended to assist you in securing your preclinical field placement. The guidelines below are designed to help the school learn basic information about you and your background to see if you would be a good fit for their school. 


Step 1: Review the following resume guidelines.


Font Type


Select Calibri, Arial, or the Times New Roman fonts:

  • Set to an 11 or 12 font size.  
  • Use only black text color and refrain from using any graphics, photographs, quotations, and references to age, ethnicity or religious affiliations. 
  • Your entire document should not exceed one page in length.
  • Please make sure to upload your resume as a MS Word document.


Sections of Your Resume


  • Contact Information: At the top of the page, centered in the middle, include your full name on line one, your street address on line two, your city, state and zip code on line three, and one telephone number and WGU email address on line four. 
  • Education: List the name of the degree you will have when you graduate from WGU on line one. On line two, list the name of the university, city and state of the school. In the right margin of line two, list your anticipated graduation month and year. If you have additional degrees from other schools, follow the same format above, listing them in reverse, chronological order (the most recent degree first and so on).
  • Teaching Experience: List your education-related work experience for the last 5-10 years in reverse, chronological order. Provide the corresponding dates to these experiences in the right margin. List job titles related to education (e.g., Substitute, Paraprofessional, Aide, Tutor).
  • Outside Experience: List your work experience for the last 5-10 years in reverse, chronological order. List the corresponding dates to these experiences in the right margin. List job titles outside of education.


Step 2: Utilize the resume template to format your resume.


Step 3: Review the resume checklist prior to submitting your resume for review.


Step 4: Upload your resume for review.


Note: This resume is not to be used to apply for employment. Once you complete your preclinical and student teaching field experiences, you will update your resume to include in your final Professional Portfolio to reflect your new skill set, credentials and experiences. Please review the Teacher Job Search Resources on the Career & Professional Development website for assistance when you begin applying for full-time employment.