Removal from a Cohort: After Intervention

In cases where improvement of your classroom performance and/or professional performance is a possibility, your host teacher and clinical supervisor, in consultation with the Teacher Success team, will notify you of their concerns both orally and in writing and provide you with recommendations for immediate improvement. This constitutes an “Intervention Plan” and may result in an extension to your demonstration teaching placement. An Intervention Plan is a strategy designed to work to the teacher candidate’s benefit, allowing additional time to practice and demonstrate competency in the recommended areas.


During the period specified for you to demonstrate improvement, the clinical supervisor will evaluate your performance in addition to, or in conjunction with, the regular weekly observation schedule as described in the Intervention Plan. The Teacher Success team will maintain observation data and any supporting documentation, you may request copies of such documentation. If you do not demonstrate the required improvement, as outlined in the Intervention Plan, within the specified time, you will be removed from the cohort and will fail demonstration teaching.


The teacher success coordinator will inform you of the decision by phone and email. Depending on the circumstances, a conference may take place at the school site with involved parties. The teacher success coordinator will provide you (in writing) with specific reasons for your removal and advise you of the options available to you, which may include an alternate WGU program leading to a degree without licensure or a formal request to repeat demonstration teaching in a future cohort. You may also be recommended for removal from the licensure program, the Teachers College, or the University via a Level 3 Warning as described in the Code (opens new window).