Removal or Withdrawal from a DT Cohort

This section explains potential outcomes if you are removed or withdrawn from your placement after you started your demonstration teaching (DT) assignment.


Your DT assignment is a contiguous series of observations of your performance in the classroom. Although the DT assignment is broken up into four assessments that are graded sequentially, the experience is considered as a whole and must be passed in its entirety. Though you may receive a passing grade on one or more of the segments, failure to receive a passing grade on all segments will result in a grade of Not Passed for all observation assessments.  


The 12 competency units (CUs) for the observation and evaluation assessments may not be partially passed or partially failed. Should a single assessment receive a grade of Not Passed, all assessments previously Passed will have the grade(s) converted to Not Passed. Any observation assessment that has not been set into registration will be added to current term registration in order to receive the grade of Not Pass. If the DT assignment is split across two terms and an assessment is not passed after a term has rolled, prior observations that received a pass will be converted to a Not Passed and this may have serious financial aid consequences including the creation of a balance that must be repaid. WGU strongly recommends that students align the DT experience so that it may be completed in its entirety within a single term.


Failure to complete your DT assignment successfully, once started, may have serious consequences. Possible consequences include dismissal from a licensure program, dismissal from the teachers college, and/or dismissal from the University. Four types of actions result in being removed or withdrawn from a cohort:



Removal or withdrawal from a cohort, for any of these four types of actions, dictates how the WGU Student Records department will process the DT observation and evaluation assessments. There are two ways WGU Student Records will process the removal or withdrawal:


  1. If the removal or withdrawal from the cohort is a result of self-withdrawal (other than withdrawal -approved), or removal from a cohort - after intervention, or removal from a cohort - administrative withdrawal due to competency or disposition, a grade of Not Passed will be applied to the four observation and evaluation assessments representing 12 CUs, whether or not they are accepted in the current term.
  2. If the removal or withdrawal from the cohort is a result of withdrawal - approved, due to circumstances beyond the teacher candidate’s control (e.g., background check not cleared, natural disaster, major weather-related event, or emergency health issues or family emergency), a mark of Withdrawn will be applied to all DT assessments in the current term.

If you are in a split placement and you fail the first placement, you will not be allowed to proceed to your second placement.


Once you are removed or withdrawn from a cohort, you will not have the opportunity to engage in the completion of your DT assessments. All students (with the exception of students in an MAT program), will need to make the decision within two weeks of receiving the fail/withdrawn notification from Teacher Success to either change to a program that leads to non-licensure (BAES or MAES), or to withdraw for the remainder of the term. Program changes to BAES or MAES are allowed during an active term after a student withdraws or fails demonstration teaching.


If you fail or are withdrawn from more than two cohorts after starting DT, you will not have the opportunity to repeat DT a third time. You must transfer to a non-licensure program or withdraw from the University.