Requesting Edits to the Field Experiences Handbooks

The Teacher Success department is happy to assist WGU employees with any Field Experience (FE) Handbook edits/updates. To do so, we ask that employees please follow the protocol below.


To request edits to existing articles:

  1. Copy/paste the entire article into a Word document.
  2. Include the article name and exact handbook link in the word document. 
  3. Using track changes, please clearly show exactly where you are requesting edits.
  4. Send your request to Please allow up to 2 weeks for edits to take place.


To request a new article:

  1. In a Word document, please write the entire article (including title) exactly as you would like it to show in the FE Handbook.
  2. In the same Word document, copy/paste the FE Handbook Table of Contents and use track changes to show exactly where you want the title of the new article to be placed.
  3. Send your request to Please allow up to 3 weeks to approve the new content and for updates to take place.


Thank you for your assistance!


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