Teacher Success Team

In most instances, you will not come into frequent contact with the Teacher Success Team. The team consists of coordinators who are available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have in the field during preclinical experiences (PCE) or demonstration teaching (DT). A teacher success coordinator is an experienced educator who has earned a minimum of a Masters degree in education and has at least five years of teaching experience. The coordinators will work with you, the school, and your clinical supervisor (CS) to help resolve any issues you may encounter. You should first try to resolve any issues with your host teacher (HT) and clinical supervisor.  The Teacher Success Team believes that even though personalities and teaching styles may differ, the very act of resolving conflicts and finding ways to work together is an essential skill teachers need to develop.


If you need additional assistance or are having issues during DT that you are unable to resolve, please contact the Teacher Success Team immediately at teachersuccess@wgu.edu.





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