Teachers College Program & Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) Fees for Initial Licensure

Effective January 1, 2018, The Teachers College Program Fee is assessed every new term for all programs that include a supervised field experience. Program fees are non-refundable and are not prorated based on part-time enrollment. Effective for the Fall 2018 Cohort and beyond, there is no longer an Application Fee or separate Demonstration Teaching (DT) Fee. See the “Tuition and Fees” article from the WGU website for complete details. 


These fees may be subject to change. Students receive an email notification when fees are applied to their account. Students are responsible for reviewing their account and paying the fees, or making satisfactory payment arrangements, by the due date. Check the WGU website for tuition and fee amounts or contact Financial Services for more information.

Depending on state or program requirements, students may complete different Teacher Performance Assessments (TPAs) that require outside scoring fees. These fees are the student's responsibility to pay directly to the provider. In states requiring the edTPA, there is a $300 fee for Pearson scoring. WGU provides a voucher to cover the TPA scoring fees for students who meet specific deadlines and assessment requirements.