Teachers College Vision, Mission, Philosophy, and Tenets


We change the lives of individuals, families, and communities by preparing high-quality educators, across their career, who lead and inspire their students. WGU and its graduates are recognized leaders in the field who transform K-12 education. 



We provide an ecosystem that is THE source for affordable, individualized, accelerated learning across the span of an educator's career. Our highly sought-after graduates positively impact learning as teachers and school leaders.



In pursuit of this vision and mission WGU believes that the role of excellent teachers and leaders is to:

  • provide a fundamentally sound, research-based approach to teaching that directly and positively affects student learning;
  • create a safe and secure learning environment where all students can learn;
  • develop the potential of every student to gain an appreciation of learning;
  • help every student acquire the basic skills and repertoire of thinking strategies for constructing and evaluating knowledge; and
  • foster and enhance every student’s positive self-esteem.

We are committed to the belief that all children can learn and deserve the highest quality education. We strive to ensure that WGU teacher candidates and graduates share and act upon this belief, thus meeting the needs of their students and the school systems they serve. Furthermore, we believe that it is the right of every child to be taught by a highly qualified teacher and that our graduates will be fully prepared in disposition and academics to meet this standard.



  • Student success is our highest priority.
  • We rely on data, diverse perspectives, and expertise to challenge the status quo, evolve best practices, and anticipate the changing needs of our students.
  • We invest in hiring, developing, and advancing employees who embody WGU’s Leadership Principles.
  • We elevate WGU Teachers College’s reputation by innovating and influencing change in P-12 educator preparation.
  • We carefully manage revenue and expenditures to ensure value for our students.



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