The Teacher Candidate and Field Experiences

If you are a WGU student pursuing a licensure track teaching program, you are the teacher candidate. As a teacher candidate, you must follow all of the policies, procedures, and requirements described in this handbook. In addition, you must also develop a good understanding of your role and responsibilities as you proceed through your field work. 


Field experiences consist of Preclinical Experiences (PCE) followed by Demonstration Teaching (DT). These field experiences offer multiple opportunities for you to put into practice the competencies gained as you pursue your teaching degree and certification. During field experiences, you prepare for teaching by progressing through increasing levels of complexity of content, pedagogy, reflection, and classroom observation. Through this process you will become knowledgeable and competent in subject matter content, effective teaching practices, and reflective practice. You will learn to work effectively in a dynamic environment in which knowledge and skills change quickly. Ultimately, you will become adept at learning, critiquing, using new knowledge, and come to view and experience good teaching as an ongoing problem solving process.



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