Demonstration Teaching Scholarship

WGU has designated a small fund to provide financial assistance for students with extreme financial hardship during their demonstration teaching (DT) experience. We understand the financial strain each student entering DT experiences from employment loss. However, this special scholarship funding is only awarded to a very select, small group of students who have shown high levels of academic success at WGU throughout their degree program, and who will also be put into extenuating financial hardship beyond loss of income.


To be eligible for this fund, students must:

  • Be provisionally admitted into a demonstration teaching cohort
  • Have maintained Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  • Be put into extenuating financial hardship beyond the loss of income during DT
  • Students applying for this scholarship are also encouraged to utilize any financial aid funds available. This scholarship is not intended to be a replacement for student loans. If students are awarded enough financial aid money to meet the cost of attendance (COA), they will not be eligible for additional funding.


There may be more students who fit these minimal qualifications than we have funds to award. As a result, even excellent students with extraordinary financial need may not be recipients of this scholarship.


The review committee will consider applications twice per each cohort, typically around the 20th of the month following a deadline. To be considered for this scholarship, please complete the PDF application attached below and submit by the below deadlines. Should you need additional space or have problems with the form, please feel free to respond to the questions in any word processor (word, notepad, etc.).


Application Deadlines:

January cohorts: October 10th, and December 10th

September cohorts: June 10th, and August 10th


The value of the scholarship varies, typically between $500-$3,000, and is decided based on circumstances and needs of students being awarded. Funding awarded will be released to the student’s WGU account once fully accepted into the cohort. If a student is awarded, but later withdraws from the cohort, they will need to reapply for the scholarship for any future cohort considerations.


Should you have any questions regarding this scholarship funding, or need application assistance, please contact the scholarship department at or 1-877-435-7948, ext. 3125.



Article Number: 20430, 2848