Demonstration Teaching Scholarship

WGU has designated a small fund to provide financial assistance for students with extreme financial hardship during their demonstration teaching (DT). We understand the financial strain each student entering demonstration teaching experiences from employment loss. However, this special scholarship funding are only awarded to a very select, small group of students who have shown high levels of academic success at WGU throughout their degree program, and who will also be put into extenuating financial hardship beyond loss of income.


There may be more students who fit these minimal qualifications than we have funds to award. As a result, even excellent students with extraordinary financial need may not be recipients of this scholarship.

If students feel they are in extreme financial duress, they may submit an essay as part of their application for this scholarship fund. Note: If students are awarded enough financial aid money to adequately cover the cost of attendance, they are not eligible for additional funding. Once a student essay is submitted, financial information and program mentor support will be gathered by the scholarship team and the student will be reviewed by the committee. All committee review decisions are final with no appeal process for this scholarship.

Please submit your essay as a Word document to

Student essays should be between 800-1500 words in proper APA format.

Topic: "Please describe your financial hardship, specifically the circumstances of yourself or your family during the time you will spend in your demonstration cohort. Also, outline your success at WGU and your planned potential as a teacher in your community."

January cohort essay deadline: October 8th, and December 10th 

January cohort committee review date: October 15th, and December 20th


September cohort essay deadline: June 11th, and August 8th

September cohort committee review date: June 18th, and August 22nd



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