Experimental Site Initiative - Responsible Borrowing Initiative

WGU participates in the U.S. Department of Education study to limit borrowing for certain WGU students.


As part of this study, WGU has agreed to enroll students in a Responsible Borrowing Initiative (“RBI”) program. Based on criteria established by WGU and approved by the U.S. Department of Education, students entering WGU (excluding students in nursing programs) with more than $30,000 debt from prior student loans are assigned to participate in the program. Our goal is not to deter students from attending WGU, but to ensure that every student receives the financial resources needed to graduate without incurring unnecessary additional student debt. This program is not optional and students who meet the criteria will be included in the program. As participants, students will be restricted to specific annual loan limits during their entire enrollment at WGU.


RBI Program Criteria

The RBI program includes students who are new to WGU starting January 1, 2013 or after, and have an outstanding principal balance on prior student loans of:

  • $30,000 or higher for undergraduate programs of study. They will have annual student loan limitations to borrow not more than $6,500 per academic year
  • $40,000 or higher for graduate programs of study will have annual student loan limitations to borrow not more than $7,500 per academic year

Maximum aid amounts are contingent on federal aggregate limits, grade level, cost of attendance, and other aid resources. The WGU RBI program sets limits on student loans only and does not limit grants or scholarships if the student is otherwise eligible.



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