Scholarship Appeal

To maintain scholarship eligibility, students must meet On Time Progress (OTP) requirements. Students who do not meet OTP each term will lose their scholarship funding. There is no probationary period for scholarships. Students removed from scholarship eligibility for failing to meet OTP and who have extenuating circumstances may appeal to reestablish their eligibility. Students who wish to make an appeal must be current on all their financial obligations.  

The appeal must be based on extenuating circumstances that prevented a student from meeting the requirements of the OTP policy. Extenuating circumstances only include medical problems or a death in the immediate family. As part of the appeal process, students must submit documentation of these circumstances. During an appeal students must explain why the circumstances no longer exist and what the student will do to make OTP in the future. 

Students who are removed from scholarship eligibility for failing to meet OTP have the opportunity to regain their scholarship by meeting On Time Progress in their upcoming terms. There will not be scholarship funds for a probationary term without an approved appeal. Here is a link to the appeals form (opens new window).

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