Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Scholarship awards (opens new window) issued by WGU are financial awards provided to students to help them meet a portion of their tuition costs. Awards are limited to the amount of each scholarship, and depending on the amount, the scholarship may or may not cover all tuition and fees. Students are responsible for paying any tuition charges not covered by their scholarship. Unused scholarship monies will not be refunded to students.

Students should indicate that they understand and accept the following terms and conditions of WGU scholarships:

  • Students must enroll within 60 days after their scholarship is awarded to remain eligible
  • Scholarship funds will be applied directly toward tuition costs and not paid to students directly
  • Students are responsible for paying WGU tuition and fees not covered by the scholarship. If they use federal financial aid, their scholarship will be part of their award package, and a student's total award package cannot exceed their cost of attendance
  • The scholarship is awarded only in the allotted amount per term in which a student is enrolled at WGU. Unused funds are never refunded to a student and terminate when they graduate. If a student graduates early, unused funds will be forfeit
  • Students must meet On Time Progress (OTP) every term or their scholarship will be terminated automatically. If a student meets 100 percent OTP in the following term, they may be eligible for renewal; otherwise, they will not be eligible for further scholarship funding for the remainder of their degree program
  • If a student withdraws from their program within the first 90 days, they will not be eligible to receive their scholarship funds and will be responsible for all tuition and fees incurred. If they withdraw from the program after 90 days, their scholarship will be prorated based on the length of time they were enrolled in the term. Students are responsible for outstanding tuition charges if they withdraw from their program
  • If students change programs before graduating, and their new program is not eligible for their scholarship, their remaining scholarship funds will be forfeit
  • During any term in which a student is enrolled part-time, their scholarship will be prorated according to the student load:
    • For student loads of at least 75 percent, a student receives 87 percent of their scholarship funds
    • For student loads of at least 50 percent, a student receives 62 percent of their scholarship funds
    • For student loads under 50 percent, a student receives 37 percent of their scholarship funds




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