Tuition Information for Part-Time Enrollment

Students unable to enroll in full-time competency units (CUs) because they do not have enough CUs in a term, may enroll part-time. Student handbook article Full-Time Enrollment Status states that all students are expected to be enrolled full-time for each term, while enrolled at WGU.


Full time for an undergrad student is 12 CUs. Full time for a graduate student is 8 CUs.


There are two exceptions to full-time enrollment where a student should be considered part-time.


  • Students in their last term prior to graduating without enough CUs remaining to be considered full-time.*
  • Students in the term prior to the demonstration teaching period, without enough CUs attempted in their term to be considered full-time.*

Students unable to enroll in full-time CUs for their term, and who are approved for part-time status, may have their tuition prorated based on CUs attempted for the term.


Note: Only tuition will be prorated. All fees are still charged at the full amount for the entire term, regardless of full-time or part-time status in a term.


Once a student’s term is updated to reflect a part-time status, tuition is prorated and posted to the student’s account. Students eligible for financial aid will be reviewed within two business days after tuition is prorated. Once reviewed, financial aid will post to the student's account. For undergraduate students who are eligible to receive a Pell grant, the Pell grant is revised based on the number of CUs remaining.


If students are enrolled in less than half-time CUs (less than six CUs as an undergraduate or less than four CUs as a graduate), students are not eligible to receive any direct federal loans.


WGU determines the amounts of tuition per CU for any students who are considered part-time. The formula below provides an estimate of the amount of tuition a part-time student could expect to be charged, based on the full-time tuition amount normally charged for a respective program:


Step 1:

  • Undergrad: Full time tuition/12CUs = estimated price per CU.
  • Graduate: Full time tuition/8CUs = estimated price per CU.

Step 2:

  • CUs enrolled * estimated price per CU = estimated tuition amount.

Example: An undergraduate student with a full time tuition rate of $3,000 each term, but only four remaining competency units (CUs) in the final term, would pay an estimated amount of $1000.00 tuition based on the formulas above.


WGU reserves the right to change any of its tuition and fees. Students are notified in advance of new tuition rates. For more information on the upcoming tuition increase, please see January 1, 2019 Tuition Increase.


*Prorated (part-time) students will have their tuition adjusted by the number of competency units attempted within a term, not by time attended within a term.




Article Number: 27221