Tuition and Fees Amount

A WGU term is six months in length and can begin on the first of any month.

Application Fee (non-refundable)




Tuition, Resource and Program Fees


For the latest tuition and program fee updates, please see the information on our public site.                          


Resource Fee (non-refundable)


$145 per term



Special Fees (apply to select programs)

Science Lab Fee* (non-refundable) $350 (one-time per program)
Nursing Program Fee** (non-refundable) $350 (one-time per program)



Other Fees


Unreturned Library Fee


Assessment Retake Fee


Payment Plan Enrollment Fee (non-refundable) 


Web Cam Fee


Student Success Kit (does not include web camera)


Insufficient Funds Fee


Duplicate Diploma


Transcript Order


Whiteboard Fee (comes with dry-erase marker)



* Individuals pursuing either of the science bachelor's degrees or science master's degrees that require a home science lab are assessed a one-time charge for the science lab fee. The $350 science lab fee is charged to all science program students in their first term regardless of when the science courses are taken. In connection with the fulfillment of certain science laboratory requirements pursuant to courses offered by WGU, the student will receive scientific materials which will provide course-specific, hands-on laboratory experiences for use in home or other off-campus location. The home science lab is a self-contained laboratory kit that includes the lab manual, science equipment, specimens, supplies, and chemicals necessary to complete college lab experiments at home.
** Individuals interested in the Bachelor's and Master's in Nursing (except Prelicensure) programs may be required to add this fee to cover special program requirements. The fee is charged one time per program and covers any and all extraneous expenses related to nursing coursework. These can include lab work, third-party exams, and select learning resources.
WGU reserves the right to change any of its tuition and fees. Students are notified in advance of new tuition rates. For more information on the latest tuition increase, please see January 1, 2019 Tuition Increase.


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