Alternative Assessment Launch Process

If you are unable to launch your WGU assessment through your student portal, please follow the steps below.

Note: This process does not allow you to schedule or reschedule your WGU assessment(s). This process is solely for launching an assessment that has already been approved by your program mentor and scheduled in your student portal.

Launching with ProctorU

If you were unable to launch your ProctorU assessment through your student portal, click the link and follow the steps outlined below.


WGU ProctorU Alternative Launch Link

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the section labeled "Live Technician"
  2. Enter your full name
  3. Enter WGU as the institution, as well as the date of your exam
  4. Click the blue “Connect to a live person” Button
  5. Request the technician to launch your exam

Launching With Examity

The link below will connect you directly with your online proctor. This link is only accessible if you have an assessment scheduled. This link cannot be used as a “take now” option, as that is only available through your portal and in the scheduling process once your Program Mentor has approved your attempt(s). Once you click the link and connect with the proctor, you will be required to put a username and password.


WGU Examity Alternative Launch Link 
Examity Username: Your student ID number
Examity Password: Your student ID number


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