Can I use a mobile device to record my Panopto video?


 Can I use a mobile device to record my Panopto video?


Sometimes a mobile device can be used as an alternative recording method to the desktop Panopto recorder.  However, please be sure to review all possible alternative recording options here, and continue reading below for why we do not completely endorse using mobile devices to record a Panopto video task.


Mobile devices tend to create large video file sizes and, at times, there are difficulties getting the video file off the device. Please be aware of the following criteria if choosing to record with a mobile device:


  1. Avoid recording with Panopto's iOS app on an iPhone or iPad. We do not recommend Panopto's proprietary app for recording purposes. Note: If you have already recorded with Panopto's iOS app, and are experiencing uploading difficulties, click here for troubleshooting options.
  2. The video task should only require video and audio. If a multimedia component is required (such as PowerPoint slides or a screen capture), a mobile recording is not ideal to fulfill task expectations.
  3. The video file must be able to be imported to your computer, if needed, then uploaded into WGU's Panopto server site. Note: A USB, or lightning, cable is often needed to move a file from a mobile device to a computer.
  4. Be prepared to compress the file for easier upload into WGU's Panopto server site.



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