Can I use a mobile device to record my Panopto video?


 Can I use a mobile device to record my Panopto video?


Yes, a mobile device can be used as an alternate recording method to the desktop Panopto recorder.


Additionally, Panopto offers recording and uploading through their mobile Android and iOS apps.


Note: As of 11/23/17, there has been an increase of students having video uploading issues specifically within Panopto's iOS mobile app for iPhone and iPad. Panopto is actively working on identifying a root cause and resolution. As precaution, we strongly advise against recording your Panopto video task with Panopto's iOS mobile app at this time. In the meantime, consider the following methods to record your Panopto video task:


  • Use the Panopto recorder on a computer, click here
  • Use your mobile device’s native camera app then upload the file to Panopto (see notes below)
  • Use a webcam recording application already installed on your computer then upload the file to Panopto, click here


In short, a mobile device can be used to create the video. However, there are a few conditions to be aware of:


  • The video task should only require video and audio. If a multimedia component is required (such as PowerPoint slides or a screen capture), a mobile recording will not be ideal to fulfill the task expectations.
  • The video file must be able to be imported to your computer, if needed, then uploaded into WGU's Panopto server site
  • Since mobile devices can create large video file sizes, be prepared to compress the file for easier upload into WGU's Panopto server site.

Finally, to support students who choose to try the Panopto iOS mobile app, please review the tutorial attached below.


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