Can I use my mobile device for learning resources?

WGU recognizes mobile devices are the future of computing and are becoming increasingly more common in households. Their ease of use and portability allow us to take our hobbies, businesses, and even our families with us. Our education should be no different. That is why WGU is working to ensure as many resources as possible are available and functional on mobile platforms.

Education is naturally interactive and involves a significant amount of user created content. Mobile devices excel in the consumption of media (videos, eText, etc.), but struggle in areas of heavy interaction and content creation. As a result, many of the resources provided by WGU do not provide an optimal user experience on a mobile device and some are completely incompatible. We are working with and encouraging our resource partners to drive content to more mobile friendly interfaces wherever we can.

The viewing of materials such as eText is a notable exception. A large quantity of our eTexts are available through VitalSource or SkillSoft: Books 24/7. These resources work very well on virtually any mobile device available on the market including Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, and Android. It is WGU’s goal to provide all eTexts in the VitalSource format to facilitate a positive mobile experience with our resources.

Despite improvements as we move forward, mobile devices are still not ideal as a sole means of online study. It is highly recommended that all students have access to a traditional desktop or laptop running a full version of Windows or Mac OSX. These are the only operating systems that should work with all WGU resources, excluding any local technical issues. A mobile device is only recommended as a supplementary device and should include the ability to install apps. 

Simple eReaders such as the Nook or an Amazon Kindle will not work with most WGU resources. Kindle Fires, iPads, modern Android phones and tablets, as well as Windows Surface Pro tablets, all have decent success rates with WGU resources but are not officially supported except in the case of VitalSource eTexts. The choice of which of these devices to buy is at the discretion of a student’s taste and budget.

For more details on mobile devices and their ability to work with WGU resources, please contact the Learning Resources department at ext. 3124. We are more than happy to answer additional questions.

Note: Attached below is a list mobile compatibility charts per program. They list the core resources used in each program and their known mobile friendliness.




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