Enrolling and Accelerating Courses in Your Degree Plan


How do I enroll and accelerate courses in my degree plan?


You must be on the degree plan page of your student portal to enroll in a term or accelerate a course to your existing term:



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Enroll in Term


1. To enroll in your term using your degree plan, make sure that the correct term plan in is selected at the top of the page.


Note: Sometimes there will be a specific term name or the term name may be 'Default'. If multiple term plans are available, your program mentor can advise you on the correct term to choose.


2. Once the term name is selected, check boxes will appear by each each course name. Place a check mark by each course.


Note: If the correct courses are not listed, verify that the correct term is selected at the top of the degree plan page.


3. If all courses are correctly listed with a check mark by each, click Enroll.


Note: If the 'enroll' button is greyed out, verify that the correct term is selected at the top of the degree plan page. Be aware that clicking enroll sets your next 6 month term. Classes cannot be removed from your term once enrolled.


You are now enrolled in your new term.


Accelerate a Course


  • Only program mentors can approve course accelerations.
  • If a program mentor allows a specific course acceleration, they can add it to your term for you.
  • Once the new course is in your term, you must enroll in the course for your current term on your degree plan page.
  • Courses added to your term must be completed by the end of the current term.


You may also request a course acceleration, but your program mentor must still approve the acceleration of the new course to your term.


1. Find the desired course from a future term.


2. Click the course and drag and drop the course into your current term.


3. Email your program mentor letting them know you have requested a course acceleration including the course name.


Note: Your program mentor may want to discuss the change with you prior to approval or may approve the acceleration and notify you.


4. Once the new course has been approved, you must enroll in the course accepting it into your current term.




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