How Do I Submit My Work to Taskstream?

Students in most Business graduate, IT graduate, and IT undergraduate programs will be transitioning to the integrated process for submission of performance assessments. During the transition, students may be submitting performance assessments in Taskstream or in their course.


To identify if you are part of the integrated submission process access your Course via the Student Portal and navigate to the assessment specific information. If you do not see a Taskstream Button but something similar to the screenshot below, please click here for additional information on submitting a performance assessment through your course.








For questions regarding the access to performance assessments, please contact Assessment Services team.



How do I submit my work to Taskstream?

1. Click the name of the appropriate requirement in the left-hand structure tree. The workspace for that requirement opens in the main, right-hand frame.
Taskstream Tree.png
2. Click any of the buttons in the Add toolbar at the top of the page. You can enter text, add an image, add standards, and attach files (most common), videos, or web links.

To upload a file (as an attachment) into Taskstream:
1. In the left frame on the page, click the requirement name to open it.
2. Click the Attachments button in the Add toolbar at the top of your work area.Add Bar Taskstream.jpg
3. On the next page, click the orange Upload from Computer button, located on the left. Attachments Page Taskstream.png 
4. You can drag your files into the box, or click Add Files on the lower left to locate the file within your computer. To select multiple files, hold down the CTRL button as you select each file. Drag Files Taskstream.png 
5. After you have selected your file(s), click Open.
Open Attachment Taskstream.png      
6. Back in the attachments window, click the Start Upload button.Start Upload Taskstream.png
7. Once the upload is complete, close the attachments window.Close Attachments Taskstream.png  
8. Click the orange Save and Return button.
Save and Return Taskstream.png


Request an Originality Report
Once the files have been uploaded and before you submit, you need to Request an Originality report.
1. Click on the Scores/Results tab in the top right.
Scores Results Taskstream.png          
2. Click on Request Report.
Originality Report Taskstream.png
3. Once the report is ready, click on the button that says Originality Report.
Note: Most reports are ready in about 10 minutes.
Originality Ready Taskstream.png
Submitting Work
Once you have reviewed your originality report and determined that you are ready to submit your work for evaluation:
1. Click on the Work tab in the top right.
Work Tab Taskstream.png
2. Click on the blue Submit Work button in the top right corner of the screen. Submit Work Taskstream.png 
3. Before you submit your task response for evaluation you have the option to add a comment.
    Note: Evaluators do not see these comments until they begin evaluation of the work.
4. You must agree to WGU's Academic Authenticity Policies. Check the box that says I confirm that all of these statements are true.
5. Click Submit Work
Authenticity and Submit work Taskstream.png
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