How can E-Care assist me with my performance assessments?

WGU offers assistance through its E-Care team, dedicated to providing an extra layer of performance assessment support. E-Care strives to assist students and faculty with multiple types of issues surrounding performance assessments while maintaining the rigor and quality of WGU’s competency-based model.


To contact the E-Care team, email


E-Care works with students and faculty to assist in a variety of ways, including the following:


  • Professional communication (articulation) questions.
  • Citation questions.
  • Apparent evaluation errors such as when it seems that:
    • The evaluator has asked for information that exceeds the expectations of the task directions, prompt, or rubric.
    • The returned work appears to have passed, but the work was returned for resubmission.
    • The aspects and comments indicating passing or rework do not match.
    • During a resubmission, the evaluator lowered numerical scores given previously.
    • During a resubmission, the evaluator asks for revision of a rubric aspect that has already passed.
  • Feedback clarification on scores, aspects, or general comments.
  • Scheduling appointments with Course Instructors and Writing Center instructors to assist with gaining competency.
  • Originality evaluation questions.
  • Scoring rules questions.


Additionally, E-Care relays technology advice to students about submitting work in Taskstream or through their course. E-Care also provides assistance to students experiencing technology challenges involving Taskstream or their course, using the Panopto video platform, and generating quantitative proofs and spreadsheets for select performance tasks.


To locate additional information about appealing a performance assessment evaluation, see the student handbook article: Student Complaint Policy.








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