How do I access Taskstream?


How do I access Taskstream?


After you accept your assessments at the start of a new term, you will have automatic Taskstream access to the majority of your performance assessments. You gain access to these assessments by clicking on the Taskstream button inside the “Assessment” tab (or “Assessment” section) in the course of study.

Please note that after clicking on the Taskstream button, the assessment status will show as “In Progress” to indicate that you have begun to engage with the assessment.

By using the Taskstream button in the course of study, you are accessing Taskstream through single sign-on (SSO). This means there are no additional websites or passcodes to keep with. Example:



For a one-minute video on accessing Taskstream through the course of study, click here.

For an extended video on submitting performance assessments in Taskstream, click here.


NOTE: If you continue to see a “Begin Now” button for an assessment in a course of study, instead of a Taskstream button, it means that particular assessment is not eligible for automatic enrollment. Access to that assessment requires manually clicking “Begin Now” then clicking the subsequent “Submit” button. The Taskstream button will appear after the assessment is loaded for you. This manual processing time can take up to 24 hours.

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