How do I cancel a performance assessment that I’ve submitted, before it’s evaluated?

The Performance Assessment submission process for all IT Graduate and all Business Graduate students no longer uses Taskstream as the primary location to submit performance assessments. IT and Business Graduate students will submit performance assessments in their course. Please click here for additional information on that submission process.



Sometimes students discover they have submitted the wrong document, have additional arguments, or discover additional facts that would strengthen their work. In these cases, you can easily withdraw submitted work and resubmit it again.  


Once you submit a performance assessment (task) for evaluation, you may view the status of that task by clicking the Scores/Results tab located on the page from which you just submitted.cancelsubmission1.png

You will see the status of your submission in the Results column. Next to it, in the Actions column, you may then cancel the submission by clicking the Cancel Submission button.




However, once a WGU faculty evaluator opens your submission for evaluation, the Results column status will show Evaluation in Progress (below) until the evaluation is completed.




If the Results column shows Evaluation in Progress, you won’t be able to cancel the submission. If you have additional questions regarding the evaluation process, click here. For evaluation support, click here, or send your concern to so that an E-Care team member can follow up with you.


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