How do I complete my timelogs in DocuSign for Community Health?


How do I complete my timelogs in DocuSign for Community Health?


Note: If you live in California, click here to access instructions for your timelog.


The purpose of the timelog is to track the field experiences you are doing for the Community Health course. The timelog will help you keep track of your activities, the date completed, show the contact information (including their name, address, phone, and/or email), the hours you spent, and the relevance to the topic you chose. DocuSign is the platform where you will complete your timelog and will provide a document that is retrievable, revisable, and can be saved until signed. Please use this article to assist you in filling out your timelog in DocuSign.


Accessing timelogs
Filling out the timelog
Saving your work and returning to your timelog
Signing the timelog
Completed timelog retrieval
Returned from Evaluation


Accessing timelogs:


  1. Click the Timelog Form hyperlink in the performance assessment. This will take you to the DocuSign request form.
  2. Fill out your information. Please use your WGU email address.
  3. Click "Begin Signing."
  4. You will receive an email with a Signing Validation Code and link. Use this hyperlink to add in activities as you go along, or all at once. The document associated with the URL can be edited up until it is signed. After it is signed, no edits can be made. If no email is sent, please access the timelog again to ensure it is sent to the correct email before any activities are added.
    Note: Please save the DocuSign email to access the document link.
  5. The following screen will show up as the Signing Validation Code is emailed to you.
    Note: The Signing Validation Code is the same as the Access Code.
  6. Input the access code from your email. This email will provide access to revise and edit the timelog prior to signing.
  7. Click "Resume Signing" to begin filling out the timelog.


Filling out the timelog: 


  1. Once you have received your access code email and accessed the timelog, please check the box to accept the Electronic Records and Signature Disclosure and then click "Continue." 
    Note: You are required to accept the Electronic Records and Signature Disclosure agreement the first time you open the document.
  2. Begin filling out the timelog, ensuring activities are appropriate per guidance on the timelog itself:
    1. Select your topic from the dropdown menu.
    2. Fill out the date of activity.
    3. Fill out the activity.
    4. Enter the details (name, physical address, phone, and/or email) information in following the format:
      OC Farmers Market (line 1: location name)
      101 Market Street Santa Ana CA (line 2: location address on one line)
      714-555-5555 Contact Allen Nelson (line 3: point of contact phone number and name)
    5. Enter the total hours spent on the activity, not including preparation time.
    6. Describe the relevance of the activity to the topic you selected.


Saving your work and returning to your timelog: 


  1. To save the document, go to the top right dropdown list labeled "Other Actions."
  2. Click "Finish Later."
  3. Whenever changes are needed, use the original DocuSign email.


Signing the timelog: 


Click "Finish" when all activities have been entered and the total hours adds up to 90. You are not required to fill out all open lines. You are required to complete 90 hours of time. Please use the information on the timelog for more information.

Note: Once you sign, you will not be able to make revisions. You will be required to fill out an addendum timelog.


Completed timelog retrieval:


After your document has been signed by all parties, you will be notified via email. The completed timelog can be retrieved via this email and the DocuSign link. The email also contains a PDF of the completed timelog.


Timelog returned for revision from Evaluation: 


After your timelog is signed, you are required to upload the timelog with your performance assessment submission. Your timelog will be evaluated with your performance assessment. If your timelog is returned for changes, you are required to fill out an addendum timelog.


Note: This only needs to be filled out if the original timelog is returned from evaluation or you have signed and cannot make changes. 


The link for the addendum is located in your performance assessment, below the timelog link. You are required to input your information, similar to when you first opened your timelog.


  1. Select your original topic.
  2. Input the line that needed correction from your original timelog, including all the details.
  3. Below it, you will put the revised line.
  4. You will do this for as many lines as are required to be revised.
  5. Once you have finished, sign the addendum and it will be available to you to upload.
  6. You must upload your original timelog AND your addendum with your performance assessment submission.


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