How do I edit my Panopto video?

When you have access to create a Panopto video, you may also edit the video, if needed. Keep in mind, for short videos, editing can sometimes take longer than simply re-recording.  


For assistance, several Panopto Support editing resource links are posted below. To get started with editing, you must locate the video you wish to edit. There are two ways to locate your Panopto video(s):


A. WGU student email inbox

  1. Open your student email
  2. Find the email(s) from Panopto with subject line "Ready to view"
  3. Click the viewing link to open the video
  4. Select the pencil icon located on the far-right side of the video's title ribbon to open the editorEdit_pencil_icon.png


B. Search WGU's Panopto server site

  1. Sign in to
  2. Locate the search box (to the right of the WGU logo) and type in your WGU username plus "". For example:
  3. Click the magnifying glass icon to initiate the search
  4. Results will populate with all videos created under your credentials
  5. Move your mouse over the video you wish to edit, then select "Edit"Edit option in Panopto site.PNG


Now that you've located the video you wish to edit, please select the editing tutorial that best fits your needs.


  • For cutting and trimming, click here for a written tutorial. Click here for a video tutorial.
  • To add a PowerPoint slide(s) to an already recorded, or uploaded, Panopto video, click here . This feature is helpful to add slides, or a visual aid, which may have been left out of the original recording.
  • For splicing recordings, click here for a written tutorial. Click here for a video tutorial.


It is recommended to play the session in the editor to see how the edited version will play back for your viewer. Then, remember to "lock in" your edits by publishing them before exiting the editor.Publish_in_Panopto_editor.png


Panopto will reprocess the video to include the edits. When reprocessing is complete, a "Ready to view" email will be sent to your WGU email inbox.  As a final note, the Panopto editor is non-destructive. This means that edits, such as cuts, can be reversed by the user by opening the editor, un-doing the cuts, and re-publishing the changes.


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