How do I record PowerPoint and video with Panopto?

Incorporating a PowerPoint presentation in your Panopto video an engaging way to fulfill your video task's multimedia component.  


A key function of the Panopto recorder is its ability to capture video and PowerPoint during recording, then synchronize the streams during processing. The result will be a recorded video presentation to submit to your capstone or communication task.


Select the applicable tutorial attached below to get started.


Note: Recording a test video is highly recommended as a way to become comfortable with the process. Watch your test video so you can see how the primary sources (video and audio) sync with the PowerPoint. An automated email will be sent to your WGU email inbox when your video is ready to view.


Note: If the PowerPoint capture is not working properly, screen capture is an excellent alternative. Review the article How do I record screen and video with Panopto? for instructions.



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