How do I resubmit work in Taskstream?

Most students in the Business  and IT programs will be transitioning to the integrated process for submission of performance assessments. During the transition, students may be submitting performance assessments in Taskstream or in their course.


To identify if you are part of the integrated submission process access your Course via the Student Portal and navigate to the assessment specific information. If you do not see a Taskstream Button but something similar to the screenshot below, please click here for additional information on submitting a performance assessment through your course.








For questions regarding the access to performance assessments, please contact Assessment Services team.



Resubmitting work in Taskstream is similar to the submitting work process. However, there are some differences. If you haven’t had to resubmit work before, you might not know what to do at first. Below is some guidance to help.



  • Select the “Scores/Results” tab. The status of the work will show as "Needs Revision" and the “Results” column includes a button to access the evaluation report. Additional buttons such as “Work History” and/or “View Previous Submissions” may also be available to access the previous work, if needed.


  • Use the evaluation feedback to plan your revisions. If the work involved documents, complete the revisions on the original work files saved to your computer. It might be helpful to save the revised documents with a new filename (e.g. C820 Task 2 revisions.docx). Remember, if you receive any feedback that doesn’t make sense, please reach out to support resources such as your Course Instructor. Additionally, look for the “E-Care Support Request Form” button available at the top of your evaluation results report.


  • When you’re ready to resubmit the revised work, click “Edit Work” from the “Scores/Results” tab to activate the “Work” tab. Note: You can also click directly on the “Work” tab.


  • In the “Work” area:
    • To remove any section of work from your new submission, click the related “Delete Section” button.
    • To change attachments, or replace a link, click the “Edit” button.
    • To add new files to the work, use the buttons on the “Add” toolbar.
    • To create an entirely new work submission from scratch, use the “Delete Section” button for all areas, and then use the buttons on the “Add” toolbar to attach work, just as you did when creating the initial submission.
    • In all sections, click the “Save and Return” button when you are done with that area.


  • When you are satisfied with your revision, including the results of the Turnitin report(s), click the “Re-submit Work” button and follow the same steps as when you initially submitted the work.


For additional questions, please review: Should I resubmit all task attachments with my resubmission?



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