How do I save work on a Chromebook for Taskstream?

Students in most Business graduate, IT graduate, and IT undergraduate programs will be transitioning to the integrated process for submission of performance assessments. During the transition, students may be submitting performance assessments in Taskstream or in their course.


To identify if you are part of the integrated submission process access your Course via the Student Portal and navigate to the assessment specific information. If you do not see a Taskstream Button but something similar to the screenshot below, please click here for additional information on submitting a performance assessment through your course.







For questions regarding the access to performance assessments, please contact Assessment Services team.



Please note: As an enrolled student at WGU you can take advantage of a free offer to obtain Microsoft Office. Please learn more about accessing, installing, and running it at Microsoft Office 365 for WGU Students. Using this software, especially Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will allow you to save your work easily in file formats that can be submitted for evaluation without difficulty. The information below explains this further and discusses how you can convert Chromebook files to acceptable formats for evaluation submission. 


When using Chromebook applications, the default storage method is in your cloud-based Google Drive. Submission to Taskstream requires an attached document, and there is a simple process to ensure your work is saved correctly and submitted in the right manner.


1. In your written work, access the "File" menu as seen below, and select the option to "Download as."

2. You will see the various options that Google Docs can export. The most preferable formats are:


  • Microsoft Word (.docx) for a written document
  • Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) for spreadsheets
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) for presentations

You may also consider PDF Document (.pdf) for files to ensure special formatting and images are properly viewed.




3. After selecting your desired format, you will see that the document has been downloaded onto the Chromebook’s "Downloads" folder as seen below.



You can now access the course in Taskstream to submit your work. In this example, we are submitting a task to MCT2 Technical Writing Task 1.


4. After you select the appropriate task, select the "Attachments" button at the bottom of the screen.



The screen will show that no files have been attached yet, and will give you the option to add a new attachment. Select “Upload From Computer.”



5. Taskstream will open this window allowing you to Add files. Click "Add Files."



The box below will open, showing the files available on your Chromebook. Locate your file in the "Downloads" folder as seen below:




6. Now select "Start Upload."



7. When the status shows it is complete by indicating 100%, your file is now ready. Click "Upload and Close."



Your file was successfully added and appears in the list below.


8. Select "Save and Return" to reach the next step to submit your task.



9. Double check to make sure this is the document you intend to submit, and verify that you are ready. If everything is right, click "Submit Work." 




10. Taskstream will ask you to confirm that you want to submit. If so, press "Yes-Submit My Work." 




11. You have successfully submitted your task. You can now close the window and await your evaluation.




Because Chromebooks have a limited hard drive, you may want to keep those downloaded files clean from your Downloads folder.


12. Select the "Files" icon at the bottom of the screen.


You can see that the original file is saved in your online Google Drive folder.




13. Select the "Downloads" folder to  view the files being stored on the Chromebook’s hard drive




14. Select the downloaded Word (or Excel, or PowerPoint) document, and press the "trash" icon on the bottom right.

15. Confirm that you want to delete the downloaded file.




This will allow you to keep your hard drive space free, and you can always access the original file from your Google Drive folder.





This document can be kept in case you need to make changes. When your changes are complete and you want to download the file again, repeat the process. 





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