How do I upload a video file into Panopto (.mp4, .wmv, .mov, etc.)?

Having recording access to Panopto includes the option to upload an external video file (such as .mp4, .wmv, .mov, etc.) into WGU's Panopto server site.


If you choose to upload a video file into Panopto, instead of using the Panopto recorder, you do not need to install the recorder. You'll simply use the Create > Upload media option. Using this option can be efficient if you've already recorded your video using a different device or your computer could not install the Panopto recorder due to technical issues.


Note: The video will be uploaded into your assessment's "drop box" or "assignments" folder. This guarantees the privacy of your video, and also generates a video link for you to submit for evaluation.


Please open the PDF document attached at the bottom of this article for how to upload an external video file into Panopto. You'll notice the tutorial recommends compressing your video file - if uploading is projected to be quite long. The free compression tool recommended is HandBrake. Click here for how to use HandBrake.



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