How do I upload an offline Panopto recording?

Sometimes an offline recording is created with the Panopto recorder. Offline recordings will create under several situations, such as:


  • The Panopto recorder is already installed on your computer from a previous course. Therefore, you could record your new video, but do not have active recording access to designate your new assessment's folder. You need your recording access loaded. Then, you will be able to upload the offline recording.


  • The recording defaulted to an offline recording because the assessment folder was not selected prior to clicking "Record". If you have active recording access, you'll simply upload the offline recording.


  • The video was intentionally created offline. For example, you needed to record your video but did not have internet connectivity at that time. When you're able to connect online, you will upload the offline recording.


For each situation listed above, please use the following tutorials on how to upload an offline recording to WGU's Panopto server site.




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