How to access material within


How do I access content?


If your course work includes accessing material, a link to this material will be located within your course of study.


You may also access all material with your WGU credentials and save desired content to playlists:


How to Login to Directly


1. While logged into your WGU portal, open a new browser window and go to Click 'Sign In':


Lynda with portal signin labeled.PNG


2. Enter your WGU student email address ending with and NOT Click 'Continue':


Lynda with portal signin creds label.PNG


You may be redirected to the WGU student portal login page. If so, sign in using your WGU username and password. This will redirect you back to and you will now be signed in with your student account.


How to Locate Material has an easy to use search feature that allows you to further filter search results by various criteria.


1. Enter a word or phrase in the search bar located at the top of the page. When finished, you may click the magnifying glass icon or choose any of the auto-populated suggestions.


Lynda search label.PNG


2. Click on the titles or videos to begin using the Lynda material. To find more material related to your search term, click on any of the additional criteria located on the left of the page.


Lynda search results label.PNG



How to add Material to Playlists


All users have a default playlist named 'My Playlist' to which they can add material for later viewing.


To add material from search results:

  1. Click + next to any course title to display existing playlists or create a new playlist. Lynda plus sign add coursework label.PNG
  2. A green check mark will appear by the course title when it is successfully added to the playlist. The playlist is indicated by the yellow check mark:

Lynda add course playlist labeled.PNG


To add to Playlist from within the material:

When viewing the material, click 'Add to Playlist'. This will allow you to create a new playlist or add the material to an existing playlist.


Lynda in course add playlist label.PNG



How to access Playlists


1. Click the down arrow to the right of your name located at the top of the page. This will display options. Click 'Playlists':


Login Playlist Access.PNG

2. Once on the Playlists page, click the desired playlist to view saved material. To begin using the material, click the title in the Course/Video/Chapter section:


Lynda Playlists and courses.PNG









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