How to set up SMS Texting for WGU Password Resets

You can sign up to use your mobile number for WGU password recovery requests within your WGU Portal. The following article gives step-by-step instructions on how to setup this functionality. A tour of this feature is available when you click the "Take A Tour" button found by "Text Messaging" within step 3 below.


  1. Login to your WGU Portal, click on your name, and go to "Notifications":
    Go to Notifications.png
  2. Once in Notifications, click the arrow next to "Text Messaging Settings" to confirm the correct mobile number is on file with WGU.Click Text Message Settings.png
  3. If the correct mobile number displays, then activate mobile text messaging by using the toggle switch indicated below. You can also go through a quick tour of this feature by clicking the "Take A Tour" button.

     If the mobile number listed is not correct, click "Edit Profile" indicated in green and follow the directions in the section below titled How To Update Your Mobile Number With WGU

    Confirm Mobile Number and use Toggle to Activate.png
  4. You must respond to the confirmation message with "yes" within 5 minutes of receiving the WGU confirmation text.

    If you do not reply to the confirmation text within 5 minutes, an error will display next to "Status". You can initiate another confirmation text message by clicking the "Send Confirmation Message" button. Again, you must respond within 5 minutes to enroll in the SMS texting service.

    Send Confirmation Text Again.png
  5. Once you respond to the confirmation text within 5 the minute limit, you will receive a text messages stating "Success! Visit the student profile to adjust your category settings."

    Final confirmation text.png 
  6. As long as you have the text messaging functionality activated, you will be able to use your mobile number when resetting your WGU password. You can sign up to receive additional text messages under "Notifications" once this functionality is activated.

    You may choose these options for additional texts from WGU.png 

Note: You may limit the amount of texts you receive within an one month period. To enable, click "Advanced Settings" under "Text Messaging" and click the button stating you would like to limit the SMS notification from WGU and then enter the number of texts you will receive within a one month period. Once this limit is reached, you will have to get WGU notifications by other methods. If no number is entered in this field, the number of text messages sent from WGU will not be restricted.

To limit text messages from WGU per month.png



How To Update Your Mobile Number With WGU


  1. Click your name and then "Student Info" or click "Edit Profile" as directed in step 3 above.

     Go to your name then Student Info.png  

  2. Your information will display, click "Edit Information" to update your mobile phone number.

    Click Edit Information.png

  3. Update the number within the Mobile field. This number must be entered as a 10 digit number without dashes. If the number is (123) 456-7890, then it would be entered as 1234567890 in this field. To save the changes, click "Update".
    Enter the mobile number without dashes and click Update.png

  4. A message will temporarily display stating that your profile was successfully updated. Once all information is up-to-date, you can click on the "Notifications" section and complete the above steps beginning with step 2.
    Once Updated go to Notifications.png


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