I’m applying to another university for a graduate or terminal degree program. What should I expect, will they accept my WGU degree?

Each university has its own set of steps and admission requirements for graduate school or terminal degree programs. Candidates for graduate school are examined in different areas such as:


  • Strength of their application/essay
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Graduate school test scores


Additionally, some schools require applicants to have experience in the field, or to have a particular GRE score or GMAT score, while others require a combination of both. Generally, most schools require that students graduate from an accredited program. Since WGU is regionally and NCATE accredited, the University satisfies the requirement of an accredited program. We encourage you to visit our WGU Alumni Community to view examples of where WGU graduates have reported being accepted into additional programs of study.


For more information, contact our Alumni Relations team.





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