January 1, 2018 Tuition Increase


Why is WGU increasing tuition?

WGU is nonprofit and self-sustaining on our tuition, receiving no ongoing state funding. The increase is necessary to enable us to continue to improve our learning resources, ensure that our IT infrastructure supports our growing student body, and expand our student support.


Even with the increase in tuition, WGU remains among the most affordable universities in the country. For comparison, average annual undergraduate tuition at public universities is $9,650 per year, and at online universities, the average is over $13,000 per year. The average cost of an online MBA program today is $25,200, compared to about $15,000 at WGU.


When does the increase take effect?

The increase will take effect for all students beginning terms on January 1, 2018 or after.


Why now, after 9 years?

While nearly all other universities increase tuition annually, WGU has been able to hold tuition steady since 2008. Over the past two years, we have been reviewing our costs as we have improved student support and added better learning resources, delaying this increase as long as possible. The increase is necessary to ensure that WGU continues to deliver high-quality, respected degree programs.


What will happen to my financial aid award?

Tuition increases are a covered educational expense, and they may qualify for federal financial aid. The Financial Aid Department will be contacting students (currently receiving financial aid) with terms beginning in January or February very soon. They will work with students individually to determine whether their awards need to be adjusted. If your next term does not begin until March of 2018 or later, Financial Aid will contact you at least 30 days before the start of your next term. It is not necessary to contact Financial Aid before that time.


What if I am scheduled to start as a new student in January, but would like to move my start date up to December to avoid the increase for my first term?

Contact your Enrollment Counselor as soon as possible to discuss your options.


The new tuition structure seems more complicated. Why is that?

Because the tuition and fees are intended to reflect costs by program as well as the market value of the degrees, there are different tuition rates and fees for different programs.


When will you increase tuition again?

We are committed to reviewing tuition and fees annually, and based on those reviews, we will determine whether increases or decreases are warranted.


It seems like some fees have increased while others have decreased. Why?

The standard resource fee of $145 has not increased. Fees for specific programs were also adjusted to cover additional costs that apply only to those programs.


If I have already paid my $1,000 for Demonstration Teaching for the term beginning January 1, 2018, will I need to pay the Teachers College Program Fee?

No. Students who have already paid this fee will not be charged the new Program Fee.


Why don’t all of the Teachers College programs include the Program Fee?

The Program Fees in the Teachers College are in place to cover the costs of demonstration teaching or other supervised field experience. The Program Fees are not charge for programs that do not include demonstration teaching or supervised field experience.


I still have questions about the tuition increase. Where can I go for answers?

Send questions to WGU Communications, wgucommunications@wgu.edu



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