Learning Resource Access After Graduation

Once you graduate, Learning Resource availability varies depending on the type and is contingent on the contracts and subscriptions specific to each of WGU’s partners. As a WGU alum, you will be provided resources to assist with educational endeavors even after you have completed your degree. For additional details about those resources, please visit alumni.wgu.edu.

Many resources are reached through links embedded in courses, which take students directly to their materials without the need for a username and password.  Most of these will not be accessible after graduation. Other resources are accessed by enrollment. For example, you might have enrolled using the Learning Resources tab of a course to receive site registration instructions and an authorization code. These types of resources typically require students to create a user account on a provider’s website. Access to these types of resources may persist for a limited time following graduation.

Learning Resource subscription durations vary regardless of how they are accessed. For example, VitalSource e-books expire two years from the time they are first accessed, or reactivated while you are a student, while Pearson MyLabMastering resources expire one year from the day the access code is redeemed. WGU does not actively end access to resources upon graduation; instead, subscriptions expire naturally. For most resources, graduates will have to purchase access directly from the vendor if they wish to regain use. Two exceptions to this are the resources known as SkillSoft and Ebook Central. For access to these, contact learning@wgu.edu for SkillSoft and the library@wgu.edu for Ebook Central.

Guidelines for accessing learning resources after graduation also apply to students who are on term break. Inactive students are technically not permitted to use learning resources contracted by WGU unless the term break was forced on the student in some way – for example, a Teachers College student awaiting Demonstration Teaching (DT).

These are the major factors to consider when determining what resources you will have access to after graduation. However, each situation is different so please do not hesitate to contact Learning Resources at learning@wgu.edu to discuss a situation that you may feel merits more attention.


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